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In this DVD, master sand sculptor Todd Vander Pluym reveals the secrets of successful sand sculpting in easy-to-follow instructions. Unlike many books on the subject of sand sculpture, “Sand Castles for Everyone” gives you up-close-and-personal sand sculpting lessons that can be replayed, paused and skipped through using the DVD chapter menu. You will learn how to:

  1. BulletFind and use tools that are found in your kitchen and garage

  2. BulletChoose the best location and time to build your sculpture

  3. BulletSpot sand that will stick together well, making it easy to carve

  4. BulletDesign your sculpture, and much more!

There’s something for everyone, from the complete novice to someone looking to take his or her sculpting to the next level. The DVD includes lessons for three skill levels:

  1. BulletBeginner: Dribble castles (sculpt using only your hands)

  2. BulletIntermediate: Architectural castles

  3. BulletAdvanced: Soft sculpture (such as people and animals)

Start with a few professional secrets and tips and see where they take you—after you learn the basics and practice them, the only limitation is your own imagination!

Approx. running time: 35 minutes. Manufactured in the U.S.A. Not rated.

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